Xavax Melkkannetje Inox 20cl

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  • Ideal for frothing or heating milk for latte macchiato or cappuccino
  • Highly polished, rust-free steel stainless steel jug in a cylindrical design with a volume of 400 ml
  • For perfect milk foam add max. 200 ml of milk and foam up with a milk frother (00111106/00111221)
  • Completely circumferential rim for drip-free pouring from all sides
  • Suitable for all heat sources, except induction cooker

    Note for Consumers:

  • Not suitable for induction fields. Only hold milk jug by the handle!

  • Capaciteit: 400 ml
  • Materiaal: Roestvrijstaal
  • Breedte: 13,2 cm
  • Hoogte: 10,5 cm
  • Geschikt voor vaatwasmachine: Ja

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